My Favorite Computer Shop
in Singapore

If you're in the market for computer hardware, there is one place in Singapore I simply need to tell you about. Curious? Well, read on ...


The shop is called Fuwell Singapore and I have been buying computers from them for the past eight years or so. The staff there are extremely knowledgeable about computers and offer excellent service.

I say that from the viewpoint of a techie who has been dabbling with computers for close to 20 years.

Fuwell is one of the best shops there is and I personally don't mind paying a slight premium on their goods because their service is simply impeccable.


1. Overview

The shop Fuwell is located in on the third level of Sim Lim Square, which, incidentally, is the electronics and computer haven of Singapore. Whenever I need to buy computer hardware or check out component prices, my standard practice is to zip down to Sim Lim Square and grab the price list from Fuwell. You can also print out a PDF copy from this link if you want. Extremely convenient.

I use Fuwell's prices as my benchmark before I start bargain hunting. But more often than not, I find myself coming back to Fuwell to buy my gizmo because it is not only very reasonable in terms of price, it also stocks an astounding variety of computer hardware. And oh, did I say the staff are knowledgeable? I say that again because many of the shop assistants in Sim Lim Square do not know the difference between an ISA motherboard and a PCI-Express motherboard. Or a Nvidia card versus a Radeon card, and so on.

3. So What Do They Sell?

Typically, the stuff that is sold at Fuwell include computer motherboards, CPUs, memory chips, graphics cards, sound cards, hard drives, optical drives, monitors and printers. Add to that a huge variety of computer peripherals such as video capture cards, mice, LAN cables, routers, wireless cameras, MP3 players and thumb drives. When I need to upgrade or buy a new desktop, the first place I check out will be Fuwell.

3. The Staff

I know a couple of staff there by name. One of them (a spectacled one) is called Andy and he is simply fabulous. If there is an award for 'Best Computer Shop Service Staff', I'd give it to him. I mean, I'll be telling him I want a simple, no-frills PCI-Express motherboard with a Nvidia card and 1 GB of DDR-2 RAM, along with a simple Soundblaster card and a 19 inch LCD monitor and he will know exactly what I'm talking about. And he gives me the best prices too, without any hardsell. I simply love it.


I know I've heartily recommended Fuwell to you and I just wanna say that I am in no way affiliated with the shop . I simply want to tell you about its excellent good service and how you can save yourself a lot of retail headaches when you're next hunting for computer hardware in Singapore. Trust me, Sim Lim Square has its share of crooky vendors but Fuwell is one of the rare ones which shines through. Thanks again, Fuwell.

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